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Truck Accidents In New Jersey

Truck accidents are very dangerous because of the size of the trucks involved. A truck driver who is distracted by anything could cause an accident. There are many ways that a truck driver can become distracted. For example, if a truck driver is talking on a cell phone while driving, he or she may miss something important and cause an accident.

Truck accidents happen when trucks collide with other vehicles, pedestrians, or objects. These collisions can cause serious injuries to the people involved. A truck accident lawyer can help you understand what happened and how to file a claim for compensation.

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Truck drivers must be careful when driving because of the truck size. Trucks should be driven carefully because of the weight of the truck and should be checked for safety before being operated. 

  • Drivers should be taking breaks during long shifts because fatigued drivers may fall asleep while driving. Commercial vehicle drivers should not be allowed to drive longer than 12 hours per day and 16 hours per week.
  • Speeding and other violations - Maneuvering a truck takes skill and concentration in good conditions. Driving too fast or violating a traffic law could make it impossible to avoid an accident.
  • Cell phone use - Distracted driving is a big problem when operating a car, motorcycle, truck, or another automobile.
  • Drunk Driving - A trucker who drives drunk could lose his or her CDL.

Trucks are dangerous vehicles that can cause serious accidents if they aren't properly maintained. Truck accidents frequently involve multiple factors including driver error, vehicle defects, road conditions, weather, etc. We can hire experts to help us determine the exact cause of an accident.



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What Are Common Injuries From Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents cause many different types of injuries. The most common injury reported is as follows: 

  • back injuries
  • neck injuries
  • dislocated disc in the spine
  • rib damage and laceration
  • head injuries
  • rib and torso injuries

In some cases, the result is severe, resulting in:

  • long term head trauma often called (TBI)
  • spinal cord injury
  • paralysis
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Why Should I Hire A New Jersey Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck accidents are very common in New Jersey. Injuries caused by them are also quite common. Serious injuries can last for months or even years. Compensation should be paid to victims of truck accidents. We will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Trucking companies are often very busy. Their investigators arrive quickly after a wreck. Legal maneuvering is used to get them to comply with federal regulations. There are multiple layers of liability when a truck crashes.

Truck companies and their insurance representatives are often dishonest and unethical. Our NJ truck accident lawyers will give you an honest evaluation of your case and explain what you can do to get a fair settlement. If you hire our firm to represent you, we'll work hard to help you recover the most money possible.

What Forms Of Compensation May Be Available?

Truck accidents are very common. There are many different types of compensation available for victims who are injured in these accidents. Medical bills are usually a big part of any settlement award. A free consultation with an experienced truck accident lawyer can help you understand what compensation options are available to you.

Other than medical expenses, there are other ways to compensate victims of truck accidents. You should consider these things when making decisions about how much money to pay out in damages.

Our personal injury attorneys are ready to help collect evidence of the damages you sustained, including bills and receipts and documentation of your salary, and help explain how you can document the psychological and emotional effect of your injury. Most cases settle out of court. However, our firm is always ready to go to trial if necessary. We are committed to getting you the maximum amount of money possible.

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