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Michael Kalmus Attorney at Law provides expert legal support and representation to workers in NJ in matters relating to personal injury, disability retirement pensions, social security disability, worker’s compensation, veterans disability claims, disciplinary claims and more

We offer personalized and aggressive legal representation to our clients. Our firm has successfully obtained disability benefits for union workers, police officers, sanitation workers, firefighters, corrections officers, federal workers, etc. We have a diverse clientele and our firm is always sensitive to the special needs of our clients.

Kalmus - New Jersey Pension Disability Appeals Lawyer

Attorney Michael L. Kalmus

Michael Kalmus has spent his entire career fighting for the rights of the individual. He is a recognized expert in medical claims, successfully representing thousands of individuals seeking social security disability, disability retirement pensions, benefits under private disability insurance policies, workers compensation benefits, veterans benefit, and personal injury claims. In addition, Michael has represented employees in all manner of disciplinary proceedings, mediations, arbitrations, contract negotiations, and labor/management disputes. He is, in addition, well known for his expertise in advocating on behalf of victims of sexual abuse.


Michael Kalmus has spent his entire career defending the rights of workers, helping thousands of people obtain millions of dollars in benefits along the way.

After graduating from New York University and the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, Michael began his career as a labor lawyer, working on behalf of multiple New York City and State Labor Unions and their members. After several years in the field, he pursued a specialization in all things medical and developed a stellar reputation in the area of disability pensions, social security disability and private long-term disability claims. In the aftermath of 9/11, he helped numerous individuals who served at or near the World Trade Center site to obtain upgraded disability retirement pension benefits when the physical or psychological impact of their service became apparent, often years later (he is now helping New Jersey workers obtain similar benefits
pursuant to more recently passed legislation).

In recent years, Michael served as General Counsel to a national firm specializing in Social Security Disability benefits. He is also working with a team of attorneys representing victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Michael is married with one child and lives in Essex County, New Jersey. In his leisure time he is an avid sports fan, occasional golfer, and student of stand-up comedy.

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