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New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction workers are often injured when they work on dangerous job sites. General contractors often put profit before worker safety. Talk to an attorney if you've been injured on a job site. Our firm protects your rights.

Liability For Construction Accidents in New Jersey

Buildings are built by people, and people make mistakes. When buildings fall down, people get hurt. Building occupants should be aware of what happens if there are problems with the structure. People need to know how to protect themselves.

Contractors and subcontractors must be careful about the quality of workmanship they use. They should make sure that they follow the blueprints and construction plans provided by the builder. They should also check the materials used before they start working. They should avoid using sub-standard materials. And they should take precautions to protect themselves from accidents such as those mentioned above.



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New Jersey Construction Accident Laws

At The Disability Guys Michael Kalmus Attorney At Law, we protect the rights of injured construction workers and their families by fighting and winning cases involving ladder falls and many other construction site injuries. We also represent victims of defective products such as faulty ladders, scaffolding, and other equipment.

  • Falls and struck-by accidents are the two most common causes of accidental death. Construction workers fall off of scaffolding or ladders more often than any other type of worker. Workers who work on roofs are more likely to be struck by an object than those who work on ground level.
  • Falling objects can hurt people below. Construction workers should wear safety equipment when working on different levels of a building. Workers should also wear safety equipment while entering confined spaces.
  • Construction workers should be aware of lifting and back injuries. Workers should also be careful when using hand or power tools.
  • Faulty equipment leads to amputations, broken limbs, and other injuries. Dangerous worksite leads to broken bones and other injuries. Work vehicle accidents lead to injuries.
  • Collapsing buildings, walls, trenches, and other unsecured objects pose a danger to workers. Loading and unloading materials and objects can injure workers. Improper storage, loadings, and unloadings can cause injuries.
  • Construction site hazards include many dangerous chemicals, as well as electric shocks. Workers are often exposed to these dangers without proper safety equipment or training.

Construction workers who have been injured on the job or whose loved ones have died in a construction accident deserve compensation. A construction worker's injury or death should never go unanswered. Our law firm's experienced personal injury attorneys have the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to handle your case. We'll schedule a free initial consultation to review your situation. You can trust us to get you the justice you deserve.

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Common Injuries From Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents happen every day in the US. Workers have one of the riskiest jobs out there. Victims can suffer traumatic brain injuries, broken limbs, spinal cord injuries, and even death. These are common injuries when working on a construction site. If you were injured in a construction accident, you should seek legal counsel. You might be entitled to workers' compensation benefits, but you need to understand your rights before filing a claim.

What Should I Do If I Was Injured While Working On A Construction Site?

Construction accidents are common because many people work in dangerous jobs. Workers' comp laws protect them from being sued by employers if they're injured on the job. However, some states allow victims to sue companies directly. A construction accident attorney in New Jersey can help you decide whether to take legal action.

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