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Public Employee Disability Pensions

Disability retirement benefits may be available to public employees who have experienced a serious accident. The Disability Guys Michael Kalmus Attorney At Law have assisted disabled public employees in New Jersey in obtaining the benefits to which they are entitled.
Our lawyers devote a considerable percentage of their practice to representing hurt public safety workers. Throughout the region, we've collaborated closely with police officers, firefighters, and other state safety personnel.

Who Is Eligible For Disability Benefits?

If a public employee is injured and unable to perform the fundamental functions of their job, they may be eligible for a disability pension. Three different specialists will evaluate you to see if you meet this requirement. To build a stronger initial claim, you should first see your regular physician before applying for disability benefits.

To be eligible for benefits, the injury that produced the disability does not have to be related to your job. For non-service-connected disabilities, public safety and other public sector employees are eligible for a disability pension. Furthermore, people can receive both workers' compensation and disability pension benefits at the same time.



If you haven't filed a case, we will help you fill out the form you need in the right way. 


The action plan helps you map out the legal strategy to receive the benefits you deserve.


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Applying for Disability Benefits

If you're interested in learning the timeline on how to submit an application for disability benefits, here is a quick overview to give you an idea of the steps that must be achieved. 

  1. Submit your application.
  2. Your employer and your physician(ies) must submit specific applications and reports.
  3. The forms you must complete are: Disability Benefits Application(PDF opens), Disability Benefit Application Instructions(PDF), Proof of Date of Birth(pdf opens), Report of Physician(PDF opens).
  4. Each doctor listed on your application completes a Report of Physician(pdf opens).
  5. You are responsible for submitting the complete application.
  6. You can mail the completed documents in for reviewal.

This is just a brief overview of what applicants can expect, but for a more concise step of procedures, please contact our local law office at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation. 

Injured Public Employees Receive Comprehensive Legal Services

We can help you with every area of your disability claim since we are a full-service disability legal practice. We will be your strongest advocates throughout the process, from the original application to an appeal of refused compensation.

We put in a lot of effort for our clients because we care about their long-term success. We recognize how important these benefits are to you and your family, and we will do all possible to ensure that justice is served.

New Jersey Disability Law Firm - Ready to Serve You

It can be difficult to apply for disability payments. We'll work with you closely to assist you to understand your options and obtain the benefits you require.

We encourage you to meet with our staff for a no-cost, no-obligation-free consultation. To learn more, contact us directly.

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